Custom Colour Touch Up Kit

Custom Colour Touch Up Kit

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This is available exclusively for existing guests of Curve Hair Studio.

NEW: 3 Different Types of Kits 

  • "I Can See My Regrowth" - This contains enough of your formula to take care of the areas that you see when your hair is down. 
  • "Is That How Much Grey I Have?" - When you have extra regrowth or also wear your hair up a lot, this provides more colour to cover those "natural highlights". Also includes a disposable cape.
  • "It's Driving Me Crazy!" - It won't replicate a salon visit but it's as close as it gets. Also includes a disposable cape.

Each kit includes:

  • Your custom colour formula in a sealed container to touch up the areas that bother you.
  • A separate container with the appropriate pre-measured developer amount so you can mix when you're ready to apply.
  • A bowl and brush for application.
  • A pair of gloves.
  • Written instructions and a link to our video tutorial.

Now available for Curbside Pick Up,